Training & Education

PSC offers training in HPC, Big Data, bioinformatics, biomolecular simulation, and more. Workshops address topics ranging from code optimization and parallel programming to specific scientific interests.

PSC workshops and STEM education resources incorporate lectures and extensive hands-on sessions, along with online teaching tools, online courses, and workshop webcasts, among other approaches. Programming exercises are carefully designed to reinforce concepts and techniques taught in class.

Instructors have strong scientific, technical, and design backgrounds and are available for consultation, including help with participants’ own coding needs and curriculum building.

Anton 2

Training on Anton 2, a special purpose supercomputer for biomolecular simulation, designed and constructed by D. E. Shaw Research, is conducted yearly for researchers who have received an Anton allocation.


We offer summer workshops on various bioinformatics topics.

Bridges-2 Webinar Series

Presenting topics to enable the Bridges-2 user community to optimize and accelerate their research. 

High Performance Computing Workshop Series

This renowned series educates hundreds of students monthly on a variety of HPC topics, including Big Data, and GPU and parallel programming. Workshops are broadcast live to dozens of satellite sites, and have reached more than 10,000 participants in five years.

Internship Program

PSC’s Internship Program supports workforce development in the state of Pennsylvania. Through this program, undergraduate students gain valuable experience doing research and working on development projects in areas such as data analytics, computational science, and bioinformatics with some of the world’s leading experts in their fields.   

STEM Programs

PSC STEM programs and educator resources provide online content for K-12 teachers and students. Many also offer workshops (with Act 48 hours) on how to effectively use the materials. PSC features pre-college programs, resource libraries, and bioinformatics activities across multiple disciplines. For more information on incorporating these materials into a workshop or professional learning experience, contact