Research at PSC

Advancing state of the art high-performance computing, communications and data analytics.

PSC staff engage in projects related to many areas of high-performance computing.  Fields that our staff contribute to include:

Biomedical Applications Group

The Biomedical Applications Group at PSC pursues leading edge research in high performance computing and the life sciences and fosters exchange between PSC expertise in computational science and biomedical researchers nationwide.

High-performance Networking

The Advanced Networking group at Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center conducts research on network performance and analysis in support of high-performance computing applications. We also develop software to support heterogeneous distributed supercomputing applications and to implement high-speed interfaces to archival and mass storage systems. See the Advanced Networking page for more of  the tools, software and information they provide.

Advanced Systems

PSC conducts research in High Performance Computing systems and data storage. Current projects provide researchers better access to their data via the development of fast parallel filesystems, distributed filesystems for widely distributed computing environments, and more.

In addition, they manage all PSC HPC resources, including security, supercomputing operations, high performance storage, and data management and file systems.

See the Resources page for more information.

Scientific Applications and User Services

The Scientific Applications and User Services (SAUS) group at PSC promotes groundbreaking scientific research through efficient and inventive use of PSC resources. They often collaborate in research projects to provide expertise in scientific computing.

Research Highlight

Bridges Refines Protein Simulations, Approaching Lab Accuracy

To understand how the tiny machinery of life works in health and disease, scientists need accurate pictures of how proteins fold and move. A Michigan State University team used the GPU nodes in PSC’s Bridges supercomputer to optimize predictions made by other scientists.

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