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Support the next big discovery or inspire the next class of great thinkers with a gift to PSC.

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PSC is a leader in research computing, providing powerful systems and expert staff to the national and international community. The research supported by PSC changes the world – researchers utilize PSC systems to study disease, to predict natural disasters, to create the next everyday technology. Our staff support these researchers, and they work to train the next generation of scientists, data analysts, and technicians. 

Support the next big discovery or inspire the next class of great thinkers with a gift to PSC.

The General Fund

Your donations to the PSC General Fund help us fulfill our mission to advance scientific discovery through advanced computing.

By contributing to this fund, you will help our staff continue supporting teams conducting groundbreaking research. 

Support research in areas such as drug discovery, environmental impact, or supply chain management,

Here are just a few research breakthroughs that PSC has enabled and supported in the past year:

  • Using PSC’s Bridges, scientists identify existing drugs that could reduce the chance of death in patients with COVID-19: Read the article  
  • A team used the Bridges-AI system to identify more than 20,000 compounds with possible anti-virus activity, thousands of times faster than earlier methods, particularly vital in finding possible candidates for fighting COVID-19: Learn more
  • Scientists used Bridges and Bridges-2 to simulate the effects of hurricanes on the coast of Louisiana, using predictions of future storms to help shape the state’s 2023 Coastal Master Plan: Read the story
  • Using Bridges, scientists are expanding their online tool for studying supply chains – it analyzes critical goods and supply vulnerabilities, which has only increased in importance – and now, they are rolling out a program for sharing this tool with other researchers, governments and members of the public: Learn about their research.

The Founders Fund

The Founders Fund honors the legacy of PSC founding directors Michael Levine and Ralph Roskies, who believed in the importance of investing in future generations.

To date, PSC’s Student Internship Program has trained over 300 students in new and innovative technologies, creating opportunities for young researchers to flourish.

PSC’s BEST – Bioinformatics Education for STudents – program gives Pittsburgh teachers the training they need to educate high school students on bioinformatics, at the intersection of biology and computer science. Now in its 15th year, BEST is highly regarded as a valuable, unique tool for teachers – learn more about the impact of BEST on some of its alumni, and help us keep this innovative program alive!


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