Anton 2 Webinars June 9

“How to Write a Successful Anton 2 Proposal” and “Overview of Enhanced Sampling Techniques” will be presented by PSC and D.E. Shaw.

PSC Celebrates Staff

PSC celebrated staff years of service and award winners at the MCS Staff Awards on June 1. Congrats to our winners!

AI Predicts Synthesizability of Crystals via Abstract Images

Images derived from crystal structures help neural network running on Bridges-2 to predict ability to create a given crystal in the real world

Staff Spotlight: Matt Yoder

Specialty: Matt is a systems software engineer on the software engineering team. He develops and maintain software that helps to keep our supercomputers running smoothly.

PSC Superpower: Analyzing and visualizing spatial data: Matt is a former urban planner, and loves working with maps!

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