Resources for Users

Advancing state of the art high-performance computing, communications and data analytics.

PSC provides an integrated array of high performance computing and communications products and related services to our users, including supercomputing-class hardware, software, mass storage facilities, consulting, visualization services, and training. Information on all of these resources is available on the PSC web pages or by contacting PSC User Services.

How to apply for, administer, and renew allocations for computing services.

Anton 2
A special purpose supercomputer for biomolecular simulation designed and constructed by D. E. Shaw Research (DESRES).

Bridges-2, which debuted in January 2021, will provide transformative capability for rapidly evolving, computation-intensive and data-intensive research, creating opportunities for collaboration and convergence research.

Cerebras CS-1, the world’s most powerful AI system, is the main compute element of Neocortex.

Popular software for many scientific disciplines are installed, including packages for computational chemistry, engineering, biomedical databases and sequence analysis, neural sciences and materials science.

PSC offers a variety of workshops, both at PSC and off-site, on subjects ranging from code optimization and parallel programming to specific scientific topics, and the Biomedical Applications group conducts workshops on biomedical computing topics. In addition to workshops, PSC also hosts symposia on high performance computing topics.

Featured Project

HuBMAP focuses on the understanding the intrinsic intra-, inter-, and extra- cellular biomolecular distribution in human tissue. HuBMAP will focus on fresh, fixed, or frozen healthy human tissue using in situ and dissociative techniques that have high-spatial resolution.